Our Core Values Excellence

This is the benchmark by which we measure our success both as individuals and as a company. We work hard to get the small things right and we commit ourselves to going above and beyond the call of duty for our customers.


We recognize, respect and value our individual differences and the quality of ideas and innovation that result. We subscribe to the belief that respect is a two-way street and in this regard we seek to earn it as much as we seek to give it to others.


We embrace change by continually seeking innovative and creative ways to meet the needs of our customers. We stay ahead of the competition by never allowing ourselves to become complacent when it comes to following local and global trends in our respective fields.


We voiceand report our concerns when we know or suspect that an action or condition may be unsafe, inconsistent with our policies or our Code of Business Conduct or in violation of law.


We honour our commitments and take responsibility for our decisions and for delivering on our promises on time and with the highest degree of quality. We refrain from blaming others or “passing the buck” for our own shortcomings.


We are free and energised to do our tasks and free not to be second best at what we do. We strive to do our jobs to the best of our ability, knowing that a positive attitude goes a long way to creating a more enjoyable work environment and determining our success.